Wedding Checklist: Before You Begin Planning Your Wedding

After the joy of getting engaged dies down, you need to turn your attention to planning your wedding day. But, before diving straight into the delightful yet demanding world of wedding planning, you first need to figure some things out between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Preferred Guest List

Decide Who Makes The Cut

Begin by drafting a list of close friends and family who you definitely want there on your special day. This will not be the final list but having an estimate of attendees will help shape many of your subsequent decisions, especially your venue selection and budget considerations.


Your Wedding, Your Way

Figure out which parts of your wedding matter the most to the both of you. Is it the food? The music? The location and venue? Knowing your priorities when you head into planning will help you to spread out your budget more effectively, as you will know what to splurge on and what you don’t mind getting for a cheaper rate. Remember, it’s a celebration of your union, so it should reflect both of your desires.

Decide On A Budget

Money Matters

Establishing a realistic budget early on is essential. Discuss a comfortable amount you’re willing to spend on the day. This includes what you and your partner wish to spend, but also any contributions from friends and family. Laying out a clear budget will help to prevent overspending and allows you to focus on your priorities.

Wedding Theme/Style

Set The Mood

Have you always dreamed of a fairy-tale castle, or a golden sand beach wedding? Maybe you want a boho-chic gathering in the woods, or a classic, vintage ballroom affair. Settling on a theme and style for your wedding helps to streamline your other decisions, from the venue to your dress and the décor.

Venue Enquiries

Find Your Perfect Place

With a drafted guest list, budget and theme for your wedding, you can begin scouting potential venues. Whatever kind of venue you are looking for, it’s essential to inquire about availability, capacity and any possible restrictions they have as soon as possible. Wedding venues often have a long waiting list so the quicker you get your name down, the better. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice any of your wants, but it may require time and patience. Whilst this can be annoying at the start of your planning journey, remember that the right venue can set the perfect tone for an amazing wedding.

All this planning is working towards the best day of your life but remember to enjoy the journey just as much as the end product. Stay true to your vision as a couple and happy planning!